Welltory: EKG Heart Rate Monitor & HRV Stress Test

Welltory: EKG Heart Rate Monitor & HRV Stress Test

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Get more insights with a smart health tracker: check heart rate and blood pressure log, measure stress, energy, and productivity with a smart, feature-filled Heart Rate app. Loved by three million users, featured by TechCrunch, Product Hunt, and Lifehacker. Meet your best healthmate Welltory today!

– Best heart rhythm monitoring & diagnostics available
– Heart rate variability results with 33 stats, personalized and explained in detail
– Measure by applying finger to your phone’s camera

– Take blood pressure regularly using in-app monitor
– Sync BPM with Welltory or add manually to get you more information about your cardiovascular system
– Insights for each reading with 8 scientific metrics and heart rate variability measurements

– Use more than 120 data sources for day to day monitoring
– Compatible with FitBit, Samsung, Garmin, MiFit, Polar, Mi Band, Oura, Withings and others
– Connect with apps for fitness, sleep, productivity, meditation and nutrition, e.g. Google Fit, Huawei Health, Strava, Runkeeper, RescueTime, GeoSci, DarkSky, SleepCycle, Lifesum, Noom, Flo, IFTTT

– Track your performance, keep healthy balance and recover faster
– Apply adaptive cardio zones (fat burning, cardio, peak and light zone)
– Analyze your activity for a whole range of sports: workout, swim, run, yoga, cycle.
– Achieve your individual move goals: Steps, Cardio, and Stand-ups
– Compare the impact of different workouts

– Over 30 clinical tests on cognitive abilities, mental health and 
– Health alerts will notify you when it’s necessary to see the doctor
– Recommendations on how to cope with stress, panic attacks, and insomnia
– Manage your stress relief with deep breathing exercises & techniques
– Trends and correlations on a personal dashboard and symptom checker
– Daily diagnosis reports to sum up the day


🌟 Welltory is a combination of BP monitor, pulse oximeter, oxygen saturation monitor and a cardio tracker — all main health assessment features in one app. Track blood pressure and heart rate to make sure you are in good shape!

🌟 It is crucial to keep an eye on both mental and physical biofeedback. The solution is heart-rate variability training. You can measure how well you’ve recovered from your last session. High variability signals that you’re ready to push, low variability means a day of stretching and high-nutrient food.

🌟 If you want to make your training plan stick, track HRV at home with Welltory. Best for beginners, the free version uses your phone’s camera to measure your HRV and high/low blood pressure. The data is easy to read, giving scores for mood, energy and stress. You won’t miss a beat. Welltory pulse tracker is compatible with most smartwatch or fitness armband models!

🌟The American Heart Association recommends HRV assessment for ambulatory ECG, EKG or cardiogram interpretation. Stress management apps are a modern way of solving health issues.

Precise geo-location is required to turn on the GeoSci feature — a set of self-learning algorithms that analyze the places you visit. GeoSci will automatically track your check-ins at bars & restaurants, theaters, at the gym, and other places, and how much time you spend at work, shopping, walking, driving, sitting at home.

The timeline lets you see your activities and whereabouts. All these geo-tracking facts and check-ins will transform your feed into a hands-free lifelog for and about you, helping you understand and improve your habits.

You’ll also find your location tracking analytics in My data — Geolocation. Our charts will show you day-to-day how much time you spend between work, gym, home, and leisure.
Proven fact: people choose made-to-fit clothes but stick to one-size-fits-all 10,000 steps when it comes to their fitness

Just keep in mind that you are unique & keep reading

— Soon, your feed will feature move goals based on the WHO guidelines & personalized daily according to your lifestyle & how you’re feeling today

— If you use Google Fit, Samsung Health, & Apple Health together, you now can make one of them your primary data source

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