Train – educational game for children, kids & baby

Train – educational game for children, kids & baby

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This fun-packed adventure in a flying train will become a truly exciting and engaging experience for your children. The game brings along bright emotions and unforgettable memories.
This game will definitely steal your children’s attention and will help them develop their creative thinking, concentration, patience and fine motor skills.

At the beginning of the game, you need to get everyone seated in the cars of the flying train. Only then will the train take off and begin its journey. Once high above the clouds, your little ones will continue the adventure by controlling the locomotive of the flying train!
During the game, children will encounter not just letters, but a multitude of other objects, such as a flying saucer, a black hole, a vortex, a rain cloud and so much more!
The main goal is very simple – just run into these objects and watch what happens next! 🙂

Our game is intended for children between the age of 2 and 7 and aims to help them memorize letters in a fun way. The game will be equally enjoyed by 2-year-olds and kids as old as 7.
If you really liked the concept of our game, please rate it or at least share the link with your friends and colleagues who ALSO HAVE KIDS! By doing so, you will appreciate the efforts we’ve put into this program. We are working on new games and will present new exciting products for you and your children very soon.

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