Sound for kids. Baby touch sound. Laugh & cry

Sound for kids. Baby touch sound. Laugh & cry

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Large collection: sounds for babies and kids. Cards for children. The child will easily and quickly learn animals and equipment and have fun. Baby cry and laugh sounds, the child will laugh!

Cards for kids- is a convenient way to learn the first words for kids in a playful way. There is a game guess by the picture and name. Plus there is voice acting in English.

Animals Sounds: lion, elephant, bear, dog, cat, pig, cow, wolf, fox, hare, rooster, cuckoo, peacock, dolphin, panda, horse, parrot and others

Sounds Vehicle: car, ambulance, fire, excavator, crane, rocket, ship, train, submarine, tank, bike, motorcycle, formula 1

Sounds of crying and laughing baby: the sound when a child cries, sneezes, hiccups. The girl laughs, the boy laughs. A lot of funny sounds for your children. Your child will enjoy our sound effects.

Sounds for young children will introduce the child to new words in a fun way! There are still funny sounds for kids and toddlers.

If you like our game for sounds kids, the best payment is your review. Thank you and all the best! Free game for you!
Version 3: Crying baby and baby laugh
Version 2: Sounds baby Animals and Vehicle
The first version: Sounds for kids (Funny Sounds)

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