Quick Ride – Carpool, Taxi, Bazaary and Jobs

Quick Ride – Carpool, Taxi, Bazaary and Jobs

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Quick Ride is India’s largest carpooling/bike pooling community with over 3 million users. Over 30 million carpool/bike pool rides have been done, and Quick Ride has prevented over 75,000 tonnes of carbon footprints. Currently, Quick Ride operates in major Indian cities such as Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi and Trivandrum.

What is carpooling?

Carpooling or ride-sharing is nothing but sharing empty seats in your car with other commuters who are travelling on the same route. Carpooling can be done with your friends, colleagues or anybody whom you meet through ride-sharing apps such as Quick Ride. Car sharing is a very simple concept that reduces the overall cost of commuting and also helps to reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions.

Quick Ride is the best carpooling app in India, and it has played a pivotal role in Delhi-NCR during the Delhi odd-even rule. Sharing rides has also helped to control the level of vehicular pollution in the national capital.

Benefits of carpooling/bike pooling

Ride-sharing saves your travel expenses as you share the fuel costs with your co-riders.
Carpool/bike pool brings down the number of vehicles on the road and in turn reduces traffic congestion.
By sharing rides we can also reduce the carbon emissions.
Carpool makes commuting fun as you travel with like-minded people.
Ride-sharing helps to expand your professional network as you always travel with verified professionals.
Save money while you drive by offering rides with the Quick Ride app.
Ride-sharing saves you a lot of time compared to public transport.

Features of Quick Ride app

Find carpool rides as per your requirement with the intelligent route matching algorithm.
Affordable ride-sharing app in India with rides starting at just Rs 3/km.
Safe and secure rideshare experience with verified professionals.
Easily modify your route with the Route Customization feature.
Instant ride confirmation for ride giver and ride taker with Auto Confirmation feature.
Trip Insurance for ride takers which insures your each ride.
Live tracking with accurate ETA for seamless commutes.
Create carpool groups from the same community, residential society, tech parks, etc.
Group chat with co-riders to coordinate pick up and drop points.
Co-riders can manage the ride through Ride Moderation feature and assist the ride giver.
Negotiate fare with ride giver, if the fare is higher than the base fare.
Ride givers can set fare between 0-6 points (1 point = 1 Rs) as per the route and vehicle.
Enterprise-level security features for a safe carpool/bike pool ride.
Find gender-specific matches.
Cashless payment system.
Redeem earned fuel points for fuel or through other popular redemption partners.

Intercity Carpool

You can also carpool when you travel out of the city. Intercity carpooling will reduce your travel expenses by a great extent. You can also share your ride when you are travelling to an outstation, and it will make your journey interesting and economical. Outstation carpool will reduce traffic on the highways and prevent carbon emissions.

Carpool an alternative to Taxi/Cab

Carpooling/ride-sharing/bike pooling is the best alternative for taxis. Car-sharing will make office commuting easy and convenient. Moreover, bike sharing is affordable compared to bike taxis and bike rentals.

Download the Quick Ride app and get your first ride free or earn free reward points!

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