Podroid (Using Airpod on android like iphone)

Podroid (Using Airpod on android like iphone)

is the most famous version in the series of publisher

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Launching PodroidPro!
– double/triple tap redirect
– ear spoofing / battery check /5 color(white/black/red/gold/spacegray) theme support

– Podroid-
Using Airpod1/Airpod2 on Android like Iphone
Supports the current status of Airpod1/Airpod2 through various themes
– You can check battery information using various themes such as pink / black / dark.
The current battery information of the Airpod can be checked periodically via the notification alarm / GUI box
– You can observe the real-time battery information in the notification window, and also set the cycle.
You can use various functions (next song / previous song / volume up, down, etc.) by registering an event to Airpod twice touch / four touch.
Supports the function to detect sound when the Airpod is lost.
Airpod Double Touch / Quad Touch events allow you to set various actions on your Android, including the next song / previous song / volume up / volume down.
bug fixed(not showing battery view when paired airpods)

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