OpenGL ES Examples

OpenGL ES Examples

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This application is a portfolio of examples, based on the lessons and tutorials over at Learn OpenGL ES to help teach you OpenGL ES and 3D graphics programming on Android. The lessons are mostly in OpenGL ES 2 so you will need support for that on your device.

The lessons can be followed at

The lessons:
Lesson Eight: An Intro to VBOs (Vertex Buffer Objects)
Lesson Seven: An Intro to VBOs (Vertex Buffer Objects)
Lesson Six: Texture Filtering Modes
Lesson Five: An Intro to Blending
Lesson Four: Basic Texturing
Lesson Three: Adding Per-Pixel Lighting
Lesson Two: An Intro to Lighting
Lesson One: Getting Started
– Added live wallpaper examples.

– Updated Lesson Eight: Improved lighting.

(in 1.0.7):
– Added Lesson Eight: An Intro to IBOs (Index Buffer Objects)

(in 1.0.6):
– Added Lesson Seven: An Intro to VBOs (Vertex Buffer Objects)
– Now using libGDX OpenGL ES 2 JNI wrapper for VBO support on Froyo.

– Updated description due to a complaint about there being no “tutorials”.

(in 1.0.5):
– Added Lesson Six: Texture Filtering Modes.

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