Legendary Stuntman Water Fun Race 3D

Legendary Stuntman Water Fun Race 3D

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Legendary Stuntman Water Fun Race 3D
All the girls out there, here is the perfect game for you. Legendary Stuntman Water Fun Race 3D is something we are sure you will enjoy. In this 3D fun race wipe out game, you will have to don the role of a legendary stunt woman who excels in performing stunts on a narrow track that has a lot of obstacles and hurdles.
Run through the water park on a beautiful, vibrant wipe-out like track and complete different missions. The only problem and the major challenge is to avoid getting hit by obstacles. The moment an obstacle hits you, you are going to fall from the track and land into the water.
Dynamic Appearance
You will have three fun run female characters to choose from. Each character is different in physique and appearance. They have put on vibrant, funky dresses. Select the one that suits your persona and go on a running spree on the fun race track.
Splendid Graphics
A primary fact that sets this fun wipe out race game apart from the other fun race games of 2019 is its splendid graphics. The environment is funkily designed with complete precision. Moreover, the animations are outstanding.
Coupled with captivating sound effects, Legendary Stuntman Water Fun Race 3D has all the elements are surely going to make it your most favorite game of 2019.

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