Chess & Checkers

Chess & Checkers

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Draughts and chess are popular board games in which there is no place for chance. They develop tactics and strategy.

Features of the application are:
• fast artificial intelligence that is easy to customize to your level of play
• many game types: russian draughts, chess, checkers, international draughts, poddavki, killer, frisian, brazilian, pool checkers, reversi, corners
• maximum board size allows two players play on one large screen device
• the ability to create your own position
• analyze of the best move
• network game via Bluetooth or WiFi
• turn back a move

Remember, you can always win!
Have a nice game.
• stockfish 12
• add alpha-numeric notation for brasil draughts
• resume wifi/bluetooth game, support multiplayer game not only from the beginning
• optimization of saving game
• remove kesto opening 1. cd4 fe5 2. d:f6 g:e5
• cake random moves
• add filters for saved games

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