What Makes a Good Game App?

Think for a second. You’ve been on the Internet, or you’ve at least seen advertisements of apps on television. In the past, I would often see ads for apps such as “Tap Pet Hotel,” “Fruit Ninja,” and many others that were usually games.

When someone asks me what games to play on mobile devices, I think of some questions to answer that decision:

* What is your type of genre preference? Generally, there are two types of genres in mobile gaming: Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MORPGs), or Single Player Games.

* How much time do you have? Although it may be interesting to get unlimited hours out of your day with an app, it can get boring after a while. As the old saying goes, everything in moderation!

* Depending on your answer above, how much money are you willing to spend? I don’t mean literally how many dollars or coins, but rather what kind of patience do you have? If you pay money for a game and it becomes very repetitive, do you stay with it or stop playing?

First things first: What is my type of genre preference?

Generally, the genres I prefer are RPG’s and strategy games. Strategy games involve thinking about your next move in order to win; RPG’s usually determine whether or not you lose based on actions taken in previous turns (there are exceptions). Strategy can involve thinking ahead because players need to collect different sets of cards or build their deck for a certain purpose. RPG’s usually determine whether or not you lose based on previous actions, so players will need to play strategically in order to win. Casino games such as here www.boostcasino.com require luck and sensibility to withdraw in the right time.

However, what is considered “multiplayer online” and what is considered “single player?”

Typically, the difference between these two genres can be very vague. Multiplayer online games may require an internet connection while playing (ex: Hearthstone), but single-player games will not (ex: Plants vs. Zombies).

Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games – A type of game where there is more than one player and they play against each other or work together in order to accomplish objectives by themselves or with others depending on the game mode. These are also known as MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Online) games.

* Example: League of Legends, World of Warcraft

Single Player Games – A type of game where one player plays against the computer or artificial intelligence. These are also known as Single Player games.

* Example: Team Fortress 2, Plants vs. Zombies

What is my amount of time?

I consider myself a pretty busy person; I usually only have about an hour to play with in any given day, so I need something that won’t take up too much memory on my phone or tablet’s storage space. This isn’t to say that large apps are bad per se, but they tend to be more resource-intensive than smaller ones which can slow down the performance of your device. After all, you want to play games on your phone or tablet, not have it freeze up every five minutes!

What are my limits on how much I am willing to spend?

It’s pretty obvious that most mobile games are free-to-play. But if an app becomes really popular and everyone is playing it, then the developers tend to rely on microtransactions in order to make a profit. There are often times when you will need specific cards/characters/items in order to progress further into a game; this is usually what makes someone choose whether or not they would like to try the app out. Also, understand that a good app take time and money more than anything else. Even apps that are free-to-play usually involve time and commitment before you can really be rewarded with anything.