Most downloaded Apps Of All Time

You may not know this but there are apps that were downloaded more than 1 billion times. Yes, you read it right. One billion times. Unbelievable, isn’t it? But there you go, I was able to gather 15 of those most downloaded apps of all time and here they are:

Most downloaded Apps Of All Time :

1) Facebook Messenger (Mobile App): More than 900 million downloads as of December 2013

2) Google Maps (Mobile App): More than 800 million download as of October 2014

3) WhatsApp Messenger (Mobile App): More than 700 Million downloads as of February 2014

4) YouTube: More than 600 million monthly active users as of November 2013.

5) Instagram (Mobile App): 100 million monthly active users.

6) Line (Mobile App): More than 200 million registered users as of January 2014.

7) Facebook: Company reports 1 billion active users in June 2013 and 791 million mobile daily active users in March 2014.

8) Google Search (Mobile App): 425 Million Active Users in May 2012 and 100 Million Downloads for iOS and Android platforms in September 2012.

9) Social casinos: a whole genre that has been growing since decades ago – more than 500+ million monthly active users, about 80% on the android platform in all regions, examples like or

10) Snapchat: From 100,000 downloads to 10 million from February to April 2013. It received 15 billion video views per day as of February 2014. In June 2014 it announced having surpassed the 100 million mark with 150 photos shared every day! Of course, this is for the Android version.

11) WeChat: More than 500 Million Monthly Active Users as of January 2014.

12) Twitter: 200 Million Monthly Active Users in February 2014 and 500 million Tweets per day. It has had more than 400 million registered users since April 2010.

13) LINE: Launched in June 2011 with 150 million users by February 2013 and a total of 192million people using it monthly worldwide by January 2014. 

14) Facebook Messenger App: 500 million active monthly users from 438,000 downloads in 2009 to 900+ million in Dec 2013 according to Mark Zuckerberg. 

To wrap it up

The most downloaded apps of all time are mostly mobile social networking or messaging apps. Many people are surprised that there are actually more than one billion downloads for some of these applications. The infographic also shows how many active monthly users each app has as of the date posted above. Some are even available on multiple platforms, which gives them access to a bigger market and probably an advantage over competitors which only have one platform available for download.