Best Slot Games If You Reside In Europe

Slots remain one of the simplest, most entertaining casino games. Slots are extremely popular in all parts of Europe, so here is a list of the best slots to play.

Slot makers produced more than two million slot machine games each year because players love playing them so much. Slot machines were invented by Charles Fey and date back to 1895. The original three reel device has gone through many changes and is now available with 5 or more reels, a different number of pay lines and various bonus features such as free spins and wilds.

Here Are The Best Slots To Play In Europe:

  1. Family Guy

This is the best slot machine to play if you are a fan of the long-running television show, thanks to its awesome graphics and fun theme. This game has great bonus features including the wild symbol which substitutes for all other symbols apart from the Scratch Card Bonus symbol. The free spins round comes with better winning chances because there are no pay-lines involved. All winnings come multiplied during this round. More free spins can be won during this round too!

2.The Walking Dead

The imagery in this game is awesome – it’s based around tension since players get to make as many as four choices that determine whether they will be attacked by a zombie. The Walking Dead slot can easily suck players into its creepy atmosphere and offers loads of fun at the same time. There are plenty of opportunities to win big with this choice because there are 243 ways to win in total!

3.BlackJack Jacks

While many online slots require you to match symbols on spinning reels, BlackJack Jacks has five decks of cards instead. Players need to work their way through these decks and make pairs to increase their chances of winning. This is an exciting slot machine for those who like card games or adding up sums in their head! Like other slots, this game also has plenty of opportunities to win big. You can now play any live table game in Nutz.

  1. Jackpotter Forever

This slot machine is very simple but offers great themes that will appeal particularly to fans of Harry Potter – it’s based around one of the most iconic objects in the series, namely The Golden Snitch! There are many combinations to try during each spin and players have a chance of making up to 50 free spins too. With features including Wilds, Sticky wilds and Expanding reels, players can benefit from every type of extra feature!

  1. Game of Thrones

This hit show has inspired an awesome slots machine, where players can enjoy a simplified version of the television series. The slot’s format is simple with 5 reels and 3 rows for symbols – it is based around the Iron Throne. Players get to play on a Game of Thrones map which offers up extra paying opportunities during each spin!

  1. Terminator 2

Players will quickly start enjoying this game which is based on the popular film franchise – it features all of the characters from the first two films, plus a few new ones too. This slot has three levels where players can choose their difficulty settings – Terminator 2 also offers both free spins and multiplier wins so there are plenty of chances to win big!

These are just some of the best slots to play in Europe because they have great themes, plenty of ways to win and offer excitement for all levels of players. It’s definitely worth trying out these games if you live nearby.