Android Apps Worth Checking Out in 2022

Android apps are becoming more and more popular. Google’s open-source operating system has helped to launch hundreds of thousands of applications into the market in just a few years, giving people access to everything from games to productivity tools no matter where they go or what they do. Being able to quickly download an app when you need it truly does make life easier in many cases. And when apps are free, they can be extremely affordable as well which makes them very attractive for even the most budget-conscious consumer.

1 –  Braille Keyboard  – This application can turn your phone into a braille keyboard! It is an amazing app for people with vision problems or who just want to impress their friends! It costs $0.99 which is worth it if you think about how much time and money it saves every time someone tries to type something on your phone for you instead of sending an email; especially if they’re taking too long because their thumbs keep slipping off the keys (the “a”, “z”, “s” and “d” keys are very irritating to find).

2 –  QR Scanner  – This app is a no brainer, if you don’t have it by now, get it. If you do have it, make sure to use it as much as possible. You can try using this for dating purposes too! I know the girl at Subway who sold me a turkey sandwich once said she had a thing for me but her friends thought I was “way too nerdy”, so maybe there’s hope after all?

3 –  Let Me Talk To Your Manager  – Almost everyone has used this application at least once in their life. It works beautifully and even though we’ve been told many times that we’re not allowed to talk to the managers unless they talk to us first, it works every time. The trick is just to stand there and be as passive as possible until someone notices you and gives you their undivided attention. This app only costs $0.99 and it’s totally worth it if you’re trying to get out of work early by making your boss think that your grandmother was hospitalized again!

4 –  Social gaming apps  – (Check Boost Casino) This is more of an industry than just one single app, but with the buzz it’s been creating lately we think it’s worth mentioning. Social games are games that you can play on your phone with people in real time. You usually use “coins” or “credits” to buy points or advantages in these games, but some titles let you simply chat with other players to get them help in exchange for favors in return; anything from sharing tips about upcoming levels, helping less skilled players when they run out of lives (you know how frustrating it can be when someone holds you back like that?) or even getting together and taking down bosses as a group!

5 –  Google Translate  – This application will soon be updated with voice recognition, live conversation translation and some sort of mind-reading feature so you can just look at someone and the app will automatically translate what they’re saying or what you’re saying into another language all by itself. This might sound like something out of science fiction but think about it: anything is possible in 2022!

This article will list some apps that are very promising at the moment. They may or may not be updated in 2022, but which one of these examples do you think will be still relevant?