Animal sounds. Learn animals names for kids

Animal sounds. Learn animals names for kids

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The largest zoo of animals for kids!!! Works offline Full Free! I’d like to mention once again, the app is completely free, because I made it for my little daughter. Voiced in English, Spanish, Hindi, Russian and other.

It’s like a children’s phone with animals, with pictures of animals on the screen, the child can himself, without his parents, then the animal photo appears plus animal’s sound!

Animal sounds– great voicing, HD photos, video, your child will quickly remember different animals.

Learn animal name – is fun and interesting for toddlers.

Plus two games quiz the Animal’s Sound and quiz an Animal by Photo, my daughter is laughing, when the child is happy, parents are happy too!

Animal sounds 2021 for kids. Help parents teach animals for their toddlers.

Animal sounds:
horses, lion, frogs, tiger, hawk, turkey, whale, bee, bear, elephant, owl, pigeon, zebra, elk, mosquito, cow, monkey, ducks, cats, dogs, chickens, hedgehog, raccoon, insects, chinchillas, wolf, sparrow, mouse and many others.

– Animal sounds for baby
– Learn animal name
– Animal HD photos
– Click on the animal to replay name and sound and big pictures!
– Offline

If you like the offline app Learn animal name, your excellent feedback will be the best thanks. Thank you and good luck!
New animals name: giraffe, rhino, hippo, kangaroo, crocodiles and others
Version 10: Support new phones
Version 7: Learn animals for toddlers
Version 6: New sounds of animals and birds
Version 5: Large photos of animals, protection from the exit
Version 4: Tablet Support
Version 3: Fixed pop-up pictures of animals
Version 2: Animal movement improved
Version 1: New Animals

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