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Mobile app for the client and deliveryman, demo app. Mobile app creation for You with a brand logo and design for 3 days.

Website + Admin Panel for order form administration. Demo Website for booking & delivery service https://3bit.app
Book for you: abto3bit@gmail.com, 098 1002012

More detailed information at our website https://3bit.app

1. Pizza Order:
– Order form – pizza type, cost, discounts (if any), additional services in the order (for example, extra cheese and the additional service cost). Amount of the selected product, taking into account additional services and discounts (if any) before sending the order.
– sending an order;
– get the delivery by the Client;
– the client location of on the map (choose the route for delivery on the map). With GPS disabled, you are asked to go to the delivery address input form;
– After order, you receive the order status, the possibility of order cancellation
2. Order history saving. Order estimation.
Pizza deliveryman – for working:
– Start / Stop work (beginning / end of the work of the carrier, his location, if GPS is enabled transfer the information to the database server ).
– Order list. A constantly updated list of active orders on the map. Hot order buttons: Accept order, Reject accepted, Call customer by contact number, View order on card – view all available customers on the map in a radius (to choose 1,5,10,20,30,50 km), Go to the execution . When the order is received, information is sent to the database server.
– Work in the mode of the accepted order. The time order, the route movement (if available in the order), mileage, in addition: view the route map and car location (address). Hot buttons (Order, Trip, Done, Payment).
2. Messages. Chat between deliverer & administration of the pizzeria (Send, Delete, Delete all).
3. Settings:
– Sender Alias ​​/ username (+ Access Password), Callsign.
– Make / model of car
– Color, car number
– Contact phone number
– Driver Icon
– Photos of the car / driver
– Map (Google, OSM)
– Language (English, Russian, Ukrainian)
– Save data on satellites and battery charge (number of satellites and charge in percent) DEFAULT ON
– GPS measurement error (save more accurate values, to accuracy in places) DEFAULT NOT INSTALLED
– Time of GPS location (save time in how many seconds) DEFAULT SET = 30 sec
– Distance of the GPS location (save once when traveling a distance in meters) DEFAULT SET = 50 m
Order form. The cost order calculation, additional options in the order (cheese, mushrooms, etc.), personal user discounts.
Delivery order. Registered user selects order delivery.
The personal area of ​​the registered user. Chat messages between the pizzeria administration. Sent orders view with cancellation possibility.
Google & OpenStreetMap is available.
More detailed – https://3bit.app
Book for you: abto3bit@gmail.com, 098 1002012
Wake device when ordered or new near
3bit.app hosting

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