子どものプリント整理 ポスリー

子どものプリント整理 ポスリー

is the most famous version in the series of publisher

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◆プライバシーポリシー https://info.posly.jp/privacy/
◆利用規約 https://info.posly.jp/terms/
Recommended for ◆
· Organization of prints gotten by children is serious
· I lose the printing of elementary school, nursery school, kindergarten
· Forget the submissions and belongings written on the print
· I forget to submit attendance such as guardian associations and social gatherings
· I would like to check the menu of meal service when thinking about dinner menu
· I would like to check the schedule of the school for my child at work
· I want to share print contents between married couple

Benefits of Posley
· Clearly organize prints that were piled up in the application
· Since each child can be managed by dividing it into folders, it is easy to find each print
· As tags can be attached, it is easy to find if you attach a learning name to tags
· You can check prints on the go
· An important schedule is taught by the notification function
· It is easy to share prints with family

◆ Voice from customers
· Although I entered elementary school and had a lot of prints, I was in trouble, but I am saved because I can easily organize if I am Posley.
· Because there are three children, prints came to schools, schoolchildren, nursery schools, lessons, studies, searching, organizing was also difficult. Because you can register for each child separately, you can easily find the print you want to see.
· I would like to attend as much as possible for class visits and interviews with teachers, but I could give up on my work and schedule but I abandoned it. If you are a POSYRY you can check the annual calendar from the workplace in the app, so you can now adjust the schedule as soon as possible.
· I often forgot my belongings and submissions to school and nursery school, but I can set notice at POSLY, so I lost something left behind.

Parenting is easy with Gun! The topic is boiling in SNS and blogging. It is a recommended application for mom with your child, Dad.

For requests and uncertainties about POSLIE please feel free to contact us from in-app inquiries.
In case
Application Launch> Bottom right “Other”> Contact

Recommended terminals
Android 6.0 or higher

◆ Privacy Policy https://info.posly.jp/privacy/
◆ Terms of Service https://info.posly.jp/terms/
ポスリーでは、「LINEアプリ」のLINE IDと連携することで、サーバーへのデータのバックアップができる方法をご用意しております。
バックアップしていただければ、機種変更や紛失の際にも、以前と同じLINE IDで連携することで、データを復元することができます。


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